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The design of the New “Sant'Anna” School Complex is inspired by the urban and spatial characteristics of the Umbrian villages. A series of pavilions are organized around a central square creating a complex that not only serves as an educational center but as a true civic center for the community. The project includes five pavilions: nursery school, elementary school, middle school, gym and a canteen/multipurpose room. Their layout integrates school activities with services open to the community where students, parents and citizens find their meeting place. The project proposes a measured intervention that addresses the landscape through simple geometries, attention to proportions and use of natural materials. The architectural system presents a dynamic structure of independent volumes which on one side create an internal courtyard and on the other open dynamically to the surrounding agricultural landscape. This configuration guarantees a continuous relationship between inside and outside, between educational spaces, urban spaces and the agricultural landscape. The pavilions are sited at the southern part of the plot, the highest one, to guarantee the best views of the surrounding landscape. They adapt to the natural slope by placing themselves at different levels, thus minimizing ground works. Access to the complex is from a terraced square that overlooks the valley. The square is in close relationship with the new residential settlement to the south-west, creating a hinge between the city and the new complex. This is configured as a pedestrian arrival point, thus stimulating alternative mobility. It is proposed, in the northern part of the project area, to preserve the agricultural landscape by creating only a few light pedestrian paths. This is part of a broader environmental sustainability strategy that determines a sensitive approach to landscape conservation and land use. Access to the pavilions is from an internal courtyard which is the fulcrum of the complex. This creates a truly urban environment but at the same time on a domestic scale, contributing to determining a strong sense of identity to the community. In addition it can host outdoor educational activities and events open to all citizens. In the south-west part, outdoor sporting activities are planned. These include a garden and a multipurpose playground and are conceived, together with the gym, as a service open to the whole community.


Bevagna, Italy


Comune di Bevagna








4500 sqm 


Alessandro Angelelli, Carlos Gomez, Antonio Moll, Miguel Vidal


Xavier Aguiló - BAC Engineering

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