Moll Architects is an international office based in London dedicated to work within the boundaries of architecture, urbanism and design covering all range of scales. The office is organised upon a flexible structure based on a collaborative approach that allows the team to expand or contract depending on the scale of the project , establishing partnerships to undertake the most complex projects

why we do it

Because we are passionate about our work and we strongly believe that the quality of the built environment affects the quality of our lives. We design unique spaces on which life can develop fully, enhancing our day to day actions, we design spaces which can set the stage for a better and healthier life.


what we do

We propose a kind of architecture focused on the user experience, based on thorough research, innovation and dialogue, committed to climate change and attention to detail, an architecture that has people and human interaction at its centre.

how we do it

Architecture is a team effort and our goal is to engage and partner with our clients, guiding them through our design process, refining the ideas and concepts until we achieve excellence in every aspect of the project.

get involved

Our design process has been developed during more than 10 years of professional practice and is backed with an academic research approach that allows to explore every different project with a fresh and unbiased mind that enables us to find the solution that best satisfies our client needs and aspirations, respecting budget and schedule.